'Here's to You' Wine Glasses

A range of 30 greeting card designs on wine glasses! 

Megan Claire is the latest card designer to join the original 4 publishers collaborating with Gaeltag's 'Here's to You' wine glass range - Kali Stileman from Square Card Co., Karen and Claire of Paper Salad,  Emma at Emma Kate Co. and Berni Parker of Berni Parker Designs! 

Frank Emmel, MD Gaeltag Keltika Ltd says “ We’ve had a brilliant Spring Fair and the 6 new launches from Megan Claire have had a 'sparkling' reception - everyone who’s seen these new 'Here's to You' wine glasses and the 2 new specially commmissioned authentic prosecco tulip glasses have been bowled over'. 

Latest launch February 2017 - please contact us for a brochure and further details.

Megan Claire x 6 designs ( NEW available April)
Berni Parker x 6 designs
Paper Salad x 6 designs
Kali Stileman x 6 designs
Emma Kate Co x 6 designs



Here's to You available from:


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